Taiwan to certify Halal dining

The Magistrate of Hsinchu County, Chiu Ching-chun, highlighted plans to certify Halal dining in an effort to promote Muslim tourism to Taiwan. Chiu was interviewed by Radio Taiwan International on Wednesday.

Under its Southbound Policy, Taiwan is strengthening ties with countries in South and Southeast Asia. These includes countries with a large Muslim population.

The number of Muslim tourists is increasing around the world and is forecast to exceed 170 million by 2020. That would account for over 10% of global tourism. Last year, around 180,000 Muslim tourists visited Taiwan. Chiu describes how Taiwan is working to become a more Muslim-friendly destination by certifying Halal dining.

“The certification process will include the selection of ingredients, the purity of the cooking process, environment, and utensils. It will also include whether restaurants have a Muslim friendly restroom or prayer room,” Chiu said. “The places that have been certified are the Luk Fook Village Theme Park and Aladdin restaurant. Hsinchu’s Sheraton Hotel is also undergoing consultations on becoming Halal certified.”