Penghu to host annual conference on scenic bays

The Penghu Islands are set to host the 2018 Most Beautiful Bays in the World conference. The France-based Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club approved the islands as a member in 2012.

In an interview with Radio Taiwan International on Wednesday, Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu said that Penghu consists of over 90 islands in the Taiwan Strait. Chen said the islands will hold a month of festivities in the run-up to next year’s conference.

“Next September and October, we will have a month long festival. We’ll have many events including a world cuisine expo that will see about a dozen countries participating. We will also choose the queen of the Most Beautiful Bay in the World. We will have warm up events this September. There will be 50 countries coming from September 20-23 to Penghu. Next year, we expect over 70 countries to join in our Most Beautiful Bay in the World festivities,” said Chen.

The festival will also feature a yacht exhibit and forum for global port cities.

Penghu is home to 1,500 immigrants from Southeast Asia. The local government is training them to become tour guides in Penghu so they can introduce local culture and destinations to visitors from their homelands.