New Southbound policy brings tourists to Taitung

Justin Huang was a guest on RTI’s morning show on Wednesday.

Taitung on the southeast coast of Taiwan has seen a rise in tourists from countries targeted by the government’s New Southbound policy. That’s according to Taitung county chief Justin Huang, speaking to RTI on Tuesday. The New Southbound policy aims to strengthen Taiwan’s economic and cultural ties with Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Huang said Taitung is seeking to become a more international city. He said Taitung is targeting visitors from countries within four hours’ flight time from Taiwan. Huang said he has seen increase in the number of tourists to Taitung after several years of effort.


Huang said, “We’ve seen a rise of 33.5% year-on-year increase in the number of visitors from Singapore and Malaysia. We’ve been eyeing that market for a while and have been working hard on promotion. I think our efforts have borne fruit with some good results last year.”


Taitung hosts a number of international events such as a hot air balloon festival and surfing competition. Huang said Taitung is well equipped with English signs and instructions. He also said visitors from Muslim-majority countries in South and Southeast Asia can find local halal-certified restaurants.